Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Story

Ever since I can remember I have always loved art. Drawing, painting, sculpting, taking pictures, anything where I can use my hands to create something I find to be pretty exciting. Over the past few years I have become really passionate about painting. One afternoon a couple of years ago I decided to practice a quickie painting, and I just happened to grab a photograph of my nephew. I painted it on a little 6x8 canvas and gave it to my sister thinking no big deal it was just a quickie painting. Her reaction astonished me...she cried. I then decided to make it a series and paint all of her boys for her. I had found so much joy in painting these little guys. I went on to paint them for my mom and even a portrait of one of them for myself. I would love to one day extend this talent that the Lord has blessed me with and paint other peoples kids as well. If you like the work that I have shown here and are interested in having me do a painting for you can contact me by email.

1 comment:

Matt Doan said...


Wow, these painting are amazing.
GOD has blessed you with crazy talent. Someday, I will have to have you paint our kids to surprise Marie with!
I really enjoyed the lemons painting as well.
Keep painting!